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Best things to do in Dublin

Dublin is a city that skillfully and seamlessly blends its rich history with the modern city vibe. Everything under the sun is available in this busy, historical city for everyone, and at the same time it can cater to each and every persona. With its fair share of landmarks and neighborhoods that play host to a beautiful arts scene, Dublin has people who are every bit of a friendly and hospitable kind. For history fans, foodies, nature enthusiasts–even people who want a little adventure, here are the best things to do in Dublin.

Best things to do in Dublin

Best Things to Do in Dublin: Visit Trinity College

Trinity College facade with lit lamps and clear sky.
Dublin’s historic Trinity College at dusk.

Trinity College opens the gate of the whole campus that can be enjoyed on foot at a leisurely pace. One of the best things to do in Dublin is visit this oldest university of Dublin. Take in its splendid architecture and don’t leave without a visit to the well-known Book of Kells exhibition.

Why the Guinness Storehouse is a Dublin Must-Visit

Guinness Storehouse with its name and smokestacks.
Iconic Guinness Storehouse under blue skies.

Visitors to Dublin simply must go up the stairs to get to the Guinness Storehouse. You can learn a little about Ireland’s most famous export history while enjoying the spectacular view overlooking the city at Gravity Bar!

Explore the Beauty of St. Stephen’s Green

One of the best things to do in Dublin is to take a walk peacefully around St. Stephen’s Green garden amidst the  greenery and picturesque paths for strolling. Enjoy the lovely lake frozen over with ice here.

Discover Dublin Castle: A Key Attraction

Experience art and history all in one hit at Dublin Castle, one of Dublin’s must visit attractions. Originally a medieval fortress  ending up as an Irish government center, it is a fine place to look over all sorts of exhibits. Inside the courtyard, once home to King Edward III, there are state banquet suites and luxuriant gardens in which presidents have been entertained.

A Night Out in Temple Bar

Temple Bar is an artistic hotspot and social Mecca of Dublin. To walk through the old narrow streets is a delight in itself. Discover the charm of pubs, shops and art galleries in Temple Bar.

Ireland’s Past at the National Museum

Brush up on Irish history at the National Museum of Ireland. The museum has the best collections of ancient artifacts, period furnishings and tools, implements, and clothing from the historical times, portraying Irish life and civilization-the heritage of posterity.

One of the Best Thing is to See Christ Church Cathedral

This cathedral, in existence since the 11th century, is still a part of the Dublin skyline. Study its exquisite Gothic architecture, climb to the tower for an all-around panoramic view, and particularly don’t miss the crypt with the mummified remains of cat and running rat.

Dublin’s Rich Literary Heritage: A Guided Tour

Dublin being a literary city sheltered many authors, poets and playwrights who lived or worked in the city. In Dublin you can peep through their keyhole while passing through the landmarks like the James Joyce Centre, the Oscar Wilde House and the Dublin Writers Museum.

Savoring the Best Irish Whiskey Experiences in Dublin

Indulge in a cliche whiskey tour in one of Dublin’s finest distilleries. Learn the craft of whiskey making and taste some whiskey samples.

The River Liffey: Dublin’s Flowing Heart

Dublin’s riverside stretches east from the city and it is said that the river runs right through downtown.  Enjoy the spectacular sight of Dublin’s waterfront, the famous bridges and the historical buildings. 

Shopping in Dublin’s Vibrant Markets

Throughout the city of Dublin, markets are found at street corners and in squares. There you can sift through fresh vegetables and hand-made crafts one minute, and the next old-fashioned items. Go to Temple Bar Food Market, Dublin Flea Market, and Ha’penny Market for the best merchandise.

A Must-Visit: The Chester Beatty Library

This library showcases a fine collection of manuscripts. Located in Dublin Castle, the library’s treasures include rare books and artworks and enthralling exhibits span many cultures and 1,000 years.

A Night at the Abbey Theatre: Dublin’s Cultural Gem

One of the best things to do in Dublin is to attend a spectacular show at Abbey Theater. Showcasing Irish plays for over a sanctuary, the Abbey Theatre has remained a splendid entertainment center. Known for its classic plays, this avant-garde theater puts forward a cutting edge entertainment scene.

Best Things to Do in Dublin: Day Trip to Howth

You can take a day trip from Dublin to Howth to get close to nature. Take the train!  Along the way, enjoy the magnificent view of the cliffs and the  picturesque ocean-front promenade. You can go to town and try some of the best seafood.

Dublin’s Street Art: A Visual Feast

Walls and buildings of the streets in Dublin are adorned with many wonderful murals. Admiring the free spirited artforms is one of the best things to do in Dublin. Witness the decor of the streets from the gaudy murals of Temple Bar and the walls of the Liberties.

Exploring Artistic Wonders at Dublin’s National Gallery

Irish National Gallery, one of Dublin’s must visit attractions, has a very comprehensive collection of European and Irish art which stretches as far back as one could wish to imagine. A guide leads you through each painting, explaining the developments in style of the magnificent works of great artists like Yeats and Caravaggio.

A Food Lover’s Paradise

Dublin is a marker for regional Irish food and international food, reflecting  the mixed population of the city. From traditional Irish taverns to the gourmet restaurants in every twist and turn in Dublin, all these food establishments are sure to satisfy diverse tastes.

Discover Dublin’s Viking Heritage

In Dublinia, a museum where visitors can experience the colors of 8th century Ireland! Walk through Viking houses with medieval furniture and marvel at the engaging exhibits from the past.

Phoenix Park: Dublin’s Natural Oasis

Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest urban park and you will feel miles away from the crowds as soon you get there. Through the leafy tree, enjoy the lush of  Áras an Uachtaráin or the Papal Cross.

Dublin’s Historic Prison

Kilmainham Gaol, formerly a prison, depicts Ireland’s struggle for freedom. Immerse into the stories behind the old jail walls and shouting corridors of the past.

Enjoying a Day Out at Merrion Square

Bring a picnic basket to Merrion Square, surrounded by Dublin’s most wonderful Georgian homes. Catch a glimpse of both the cross-coloured flower beds and buildings with their beautiful architectural lines in the background along with Oscar Wilde’s former home.

Discovering the Docklands: A Top Activity in Dublin

Get modern Dublin into your gaze with a walk through the Docklands, an altogether different waterfront district that has experienced substantial change in recent years. Visit the sleek architecture or Dublin Docklands Visitor Centre. Take a meal or drink at one of the trendy bars there and spoil yourself a bit in one of their delightful restaurants.

Best Things to Do in Dublin: James Joyce Centre Tour

Visit one of Dublin’s must visit attractions, James Joyce Centre Tour and you can learn about Joyce’s life and accomplishments on a more intimate level, let a guide take you through this 18th-century Georgian row house. Enjoy the view of the Liberty Hall Building, hovering in the background and enjoy a drink at a typical Irish pub.

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a melting point of historical architecture and artistic masterpieces.  From exotic dining to trendy shops, the city meets the wishes of all its visitors. While its ancient monuments and galleries invite inspection, there is a cultural scene that fills most of a city-dweller’s life. With ancient monuments, cuisine and culture so overwhelming, your heart won’t easily forget a place like Dublin. Don’t hesitate, pick up your bags, lace up those traveling boots and come along on an exploration of this delightful little city.