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Best things to do in Ireland

Ireland has many visitors annually because of the hills, cliffs, concerts and warmth of the people. There is always a reason to visit this beautiful country. Furthermore visa is not required if EU citizens want to come and enjoy the country. Besides the European people, the visitors from the United States also often visit Ireland. So, what are the best of the best attractions offered by Ireland?

1. Best Museum
Dublin’s Natural History Museum still has no competitor. It splits into different sections, each one focused on a particular topic. For instance you can disover everything about archeology and what has been digged out from the ground in Ireland during the century. If you’re fond of decorative arts and history the Museum houses a great collection of local paintings. You can also visited the sections dedicated to country life and natural history. Frozen animals to ancient skeleton are available here.


2. Best architecture
The Dun na Sead castle is magnificent especially after the refurbishment. This wonderfully restored 13 th century castle is located at the top of an hill overlooking the harbour. The castle was purchased in 2005 by the Mc Carthy family after having been abandoned for 300 years. The owners spent 6 years to redecorate the castle to be a really dreamy house that we can see right now. The hall has been designed inspiring by the original style featuring two fireplaces and dressed sandstone windows.


3. Best place for water activities
The Schull’s Fastnet Marine Outdoor Education Centre is the best place to practice your skill of sailing, kayaking and also windsurfing. Located on the Mizen Peninsula in Schull Harbour in the South West of Ireland. The village is lined with shops, restaurants and pubs and it’s sorrounded by slopes and cliffs which make this place so charming. The center offer courses aiming to teach everyone how to sial or just improve their skills.

4. Best place for children
The Museum of Childhood, Malahide, is known as the oldest dollhouse in the world. It’s housed in the beautiful Tara’s Palace featuring hundreds of fascinating exhibits, including house in a bottle and many other toys and curiosities. If you bring your son, pick other museums, or just visit the park. 😉

5. Best place to enjoy the scenery
Try the Howth cliff walk. You’re suggested to have a walk in a sunny day as you can enjoy cliff above the sea and if you’rev lucky you could see steals swimming just close to the cliff. The walk is nice a bit long though. It lasts around 7.5 km, but is suitable for people of any ages as it’s not so hard. For many people, it’s remarkably beautiful.


6. Best place to drink up
The Irish has a unique tradition that involves whiskey and stout. The Guinness Storehouse, Smithwicks and the Old Jameson Distillery would be a great option.The Guinness Storehouse provides a fantastic journey discovering Guinness brand and company. The store is located in central Dublin and has benn constantly updated in order to create a blend of fascinating industrial tradition with a contemporary edge. You can spend a whole day in the store without getting bored!

7. Best artistic place
The Model Arts and Niland Gallery is considered as one of the best gallery that has the best art collections in the country. Built in 1862 as a model sshool, the existing building has been extended twice in ordet to houst more masterpieces and features. Included in the list, there are WB’s brother and Jack Yeats. The building boasts a restaurant and a coffee bar, a gallery circuit and a huge hall in which shows and concerts are performed.


8. Best pub
There is a bar namely Fealty’s bar that is famous for the people there to hang out. Located in Bantry, perhaps you should book in advance to get an empty seat here. Fealty’s bar in Bantry is renowned for spreading turf on its floor for rugby season.