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Paris in the Summer 2024: Weather Insights and Travel Tips

Summer is a great time of year to visit Paris. There is no sweltering heat in June, all the sights are already open longer than usual, and walking through the green parks is a real pleasure. Only heavy rains and thunderstorms can add a fly in the ointment, but they are usually short, and the sun returns to the sky very quickly.

July pleases residents and visitors of the city with hot days and rare precipitation. But this is a treacherous month. During the day, the temperature can jump to 30 degrees, and in the evening it can almost double. But usually the thermometer stays at 20 degrees.

In August, the French capital is quite stuffy and hot in the daytime and very cool in the evening. The temperature is kept in the range of 19-25 degrees. It is also worth remembering that it often rains in August.

Paris in Summer: Weather Insights and Travel Tips
Eiffel Tower surrounded by pink blossoms in Parisian summer.
Your Guide to City Weather and Chic Travel.

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How to dress in Paris in summer

Guests of Paris should prepare for the changeable summer weather. At the beginning of summer it is quite comfortable and you can do without warm clothes if you are not going to ride river trams or walk along the Seine embankment. Otherwise, you should bring a light jacket or windbreaker to protect yourself from the cool breeze. Be sure to bring an umbrella or raincoat with you.

Paris terrace with Eiffel Tower view in summer.
Dine with an Eiffel View

In the middle of summer it is much drier, but it is still worth taking an umbrella to Paris, because they can protect themselves not only from the rain, but also from the hot July sun. Do not forget to put a light jacket in your suitcase so as not to freeze during evening walks. During the day in July, you should dress lightly and protect your head from the sultry sun.

In August, it rains more often than usual, and you can’t do without an umbrella. Be sure to take him for a walk, the weather is very changeable. It’s very hot in late summer, so you should wear something light and breathable during the day, tie your hair or hide it under a headdress. In the evening, when it gets much cooler, you need to wear a jacket or a warm jacket.

Summer picnic by the Seine with Eiffel Tower backdrop
Parisian Picnics

And, of course, in any summer month, you need to stock up on comfortable shoes with small heels. You can take ballet flats or sneakers with you, the main thing is that you feel comfortable walking through the beautiful streets of Paris and its attractions.

Summer leisure in Paris

In June, a theater and jazz festival is held in Paris, and on June 21, the French capital turns into a huge orchestra. On Music Day, numerous ensembles perform on the streets, grandiose performances are organized in theaters, and concerts are held.

Paris in June is rich in interesting events. Sports fans should visit the French Tennis Championships and watch the opening of the horse racing season in Chantilly, and aviation fans simply cannot miss the country’s main airshow in Le Bourget.

In July, it gets really “hot”, because sales begin in stores and outlets in Paris. Among the interesting events, it is worth highlighting the Paris Cinema film festival, a film festival that takes place in the French capital on July 12, as well as the famous Tour de France bike race, which ended in Paris on July 27.

August continues to delight the guests of the city with good summer weather, so the beach is never empty. You can escape from the heat at the Aquabulvar water Park, one of the largest in Europe. And if you happen to be in Paris in the last month of summer, you can visit the film festival in La Villette Park, where you can watch up to 40 films for free.

Things to know before to visit Paris

Paris is the city of lovers for its charming looks, chic boutiques and Parisian air. The Eiffel Tower is a spectacle in itself, as is the view of the city of Paris from on top of it. Anyone who has been to Paris will tell you it is a not to miss visit. When you are going to Paris in the summer there are a few things to expect and keep in mind.

Eiffel Tower in summer with pink blossoms.
Blossoms & Beauty in the Summer City of Light

First of all what to remember is that summer is the top touristy month because many Europeans have off around that time of year. For those who don’t enjoy the same time of year off in the summer they are still brought to travel because that is when the kids are out of school. This means Paris will be slightly more expensive. Now that you know this the first thing you want to do if you have decided to visit Paris in the summer is to book your Paris hotel and flight.

The farther ahead you plan the better chances are that you will find better airfare prices and cheap Paris hotels still with availability. As for what to see and do in the summer in Paris: thanks to warm weather and sunnier skies there will be open air events and venues of interest, like the Louvre, will have extended hours.

For your hot Paris days relax and sunbathe like the Parisians do at the numerous Paris parks, like the one near Cité Universitaire or near the Sienne.