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Most Colorful Towns in the World

What makes this life colorful? Family? Friends? Money? All of those three answers might be correct but in the meantime, let’s have a list of the most colorful cities in the world.

1. Manarola

The wonderful Italian town

Manarola is one of five lands that form the oldest Italian towns. The locals call town as the Cinque Terre. Besides Manorala, there are Riomaggiore, VernazzaMonterosso al Mare and Corniglia. All of them are embraced as UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO recognizes the towns for their “harmonious interaction between people and nature.” Manarola itself is easy to recognize as the town is so colorful. People paint their houses with various colors. Furthermore, the color of the flowers in the garden, the blue sea and grey-brown rocks add to the richness of the color. Look from above during sunset and you can never stop admiring the views in front of you.

2. Jodhpur

The amazing blue town

Jodhpur in India is like the Smurf village as the city is dominated by the blue colors. The blue color is applied because of social and cultural reason. It is a sign that the city is inhabited by upper-caste Brahmins. The city was built in 1459. For the next centuries, it’s fully developed into such a striking blue colored city that features scenic views of the old city’s alluring patchwork.

3. La Boca

A typical neighborhood in Buenos Aires

La Boca neighborhood of Argentina used to be a slave settlement in the 16th century. Today, this Buenos Aires’ district has grown to be an artistic area of the capital. Italian immigrants built conventillo homes that were painted by numbers. The vigorous neighborhood has many shared tenements. By using the hand of the creative people, the district is now look like a big gallery.

4. Ittoqqortoormiit

Ittoqqortoormiit (pronounced “it-doc-cut-door-meet”) is more like a constellation of candy drops than barn homes. There is a church built around 1928 that also has colorful paints on the wall. The village is an entrance to the Northeast Greenland National Park, the most northerly biggest national park of the world. In 1925, 70 colonists came to the area and built house painted in ocher and blue.

5. San Francisco

One of the symbols of the city

San Francisco is rich in cultures, and also rich in colors. The murals at Clarion Alley are the evidence that freedom of art is appreciated in the city. The Chinatown and Seven Sisters also contribute to the stylish look of the city. If you come in the last weekend of June, you can get more colors from the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade that has been held every year to show to the world that LGBT exists in the country and is able to create such a huge and colorful event.

6. Willemstad

The vibrant Willemstad is Curacao’s oldest region of the capital built in 1634. A Caribbean palette and Dutch architecture is mixed to create a cherish town that looks like a complex of doll’s houses. According to the legend, the painting started long time ago when a Dutch governor  prohibited white colored houses because the governor believed the sun light could pose a threat to the health of the people in tropical land.