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The 15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Welcome to the mesmerizing island of Ibiza, where crystal-clear turquoise waters, golden sandy shores and a vibrant atmosphere await. It’s nestled along the azure coastline; Ibiza is a real paradise.

It has an array of stunning sandy shores that attract sunseekers and beach lovers from around the globe. These beaches offer the perfect backdrop for sunbathing, swimming and exploring the natural beauty of the island.

You’ll discover hidden gems like Cala Comte, known for its panoramic views and water sports activities. Playa d’en Bossa will captivate you with its vibrant atmosphere and beach clubs that come alive as the sun sets. And let’s not forget the picturesque Cala Salada, nestled in a secluded bay and surrounded by pine-covered cliffs, offering tranquility and natural beauty at its finest.

You’ll also have the chance to visit Ses Illetes on the nearby island of Formentera, where the clear turquoise waters and soft white sand create a postcard-perfect paradise. And don’t miss the upscale ambiance of Cala Jondal, where elegant beach clubs and luxury yachts paint a picture of indulgence and sophistication.

The 15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza
The 15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

As you soak up the sun and indulge in the tranquil surroundings, keep in mind the vibrant events that make Ibiza’s beaches even more special. Experience the lively drumming sessions at Benirrás Beach during sunset, where the rhythmic beats create a magical atmosphere. Or attend a beachside yoga session at Cala Conta, allowing you to find inner peace while surrounded by breathtaking coastal scenery.

In this article to make your beach adventure more pleasant and more memorable, we’ll provide you with useful tips, details and even location addresses for each of the 15 beautiful beaches in Ibiza.

So, get ready to explore the hidden treasures of Ibiza’s coastline, discover pristine shores and revel in the natural splendor that awaits you. Grab your sunscreen, pack your beach essentials and prepare for a journey filled with sun-kissed bliss and the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore.

We unveil the 15 most beautiful beaches that will captivate your heart and leave you longing for more.

Cala Comte:

Location: Carrer Illa des Bosc, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

It’s located on the island’s western coast. Cala Comte has stunning turquoise waters, panoramic views and picturesque rocky outcrops. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere while lounging on the soft sand or taste delicious cuisine at one of the beachfront restaurants. Don’t miss the mesmerizing sunset, which paints the sky with hues of orange and pink.

Special Event: Cala Comte hosts occasional beach parties and live music events, where you can dance the night away under the starry sky.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza
Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Playa d’en Bossa:

Location: Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Ibiza

Its known for its energetic vibe and vibrant beach clubs, Playa d’en Bossa is Ibiza’s longest stretch of sandy coastline. Dance to the beats of world-renowned DJs, unwind in chic beachfront lounges, or simply soak up the sun on the pristine shores. This beach is a haven for party lovers and beach enthusiasts alike.

Special Event: Playa d’en Bossa hosts renowned DJs and electronic music festivals throughout the summer, attracting party enthusiasts from around the world.

The 15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Cala Salada:

Location: Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza

It’s tucked away on the island’s west coast. Cala Salada is a hidden gem surrounded by pine-covered cliffs.

Its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand create an oasis perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Have a picnic and hike up the hill for breathtaking panoramic vistas of its stunning surroundings.

Special Event: Cala Salada is known for its mesmerizing full moon parties, where you can dance, mingle, and enjoy live music while admiring the moonlit beach.

Ses Illetes:

Location: Sant Ferran de ses Roques, Formentera (accessible by ferry from Ibiza)

A short ferry ride away from Ibiza lies the paradisiacal island of Formentera, home to Ses Illetes beach. With its pristine turquoise waters and powdery white sand, this beach resembles a tropical paradise. Rent a bike or scooter to explore the island’s natural beauty, or simply bask in the serene atmosphere while enjoying a refreshing swim.

Special Event: Formentera hosts the Formentera Jazz Festival, where you can enjoy live jazz performances on the beach, creating a magical ambiance.

Cala Jondal:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Its known for its upscale beach clubs and luxury yachts. Cala Jondal offers a sophisticated beach experience. Lounge on plush sunbeds, sip cocktails at stylish beach bars, and indulge in gourmet cuisine at world-class restaurants. This beach is a favorite among the jet-set crowd seeking relaxation and indulgence.

Special Event: Cala Jondal hosts exclusive beach parties and fashion events, where you can witness the latest trends and enjoy live music by renowned DJs.

Cala Vadella:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Its located in a picturesque bay surrounded by rugged cliffs. Cala Vadella offers a family-friendly ambiance and stunning natural beauty. The shallow, calm waters make it ideal for swimming and snorkeling, while the beachfront promenade offers a variety of restaurants and cafes serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Special Event: Cala Vadella hosts regular yoga and wellness retreats, allowing you to find inner peace and relaxation amidst the serene coastal setting.

Cala Bassa:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

With its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand, Cala Bassa is a beach lover’s paradise. Explore the rocky coves, take a dip in the turquoise sea, or unwind with a refreshing cocktail at the beach bars. For adventure seekers, water sports such as paddleboarding and jet skiing are available.

Special Event: Cala Bassa hosts live music events and sunset sessions, where you can enjoy acoustic performances and breathtaking views as the sun dips below the horizon.

Aguas Blancas:

Location: Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza

Aguas Blancas is a stunning beach nestled on the island’s northeastern coast. Known for its dramatic cliffs, golden sand, and translucent waters, it offers a peaceful and secluded retreat. Take a swim in the refreshing waters. Explore the natural caves along the shore or simply bask in the serenity of this idyllic spot.

Special Event: Aguas Blancas is famous for its sunrise meditation sessions. It allows you to start your day in a peaceful and rejuvenating way and connects with the serene beauty of the beach.

Cala d’Hort:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Cala d’Hort is famed for its spectacular views of the mystical Es Vedrà, a mystical rock formation rising from the sea. This picturesque beach boasts crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and its golden sands provide the perfect setting for a nice day in the sun. Don’t forget to taste fresh seafood at the beachfront restaurants.

Special Event: Cala d’Hort hosts occasional outdoor cinema screenings, where you can enjoy a movie under the starry sky while being enchanted by the natural beauty surrounding you.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza
Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Cala Conta:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Cala Conta is renowned for its stunning scenery, with crystal-clear waters and a backdrop of rugged cliffs. This family-friendly beach offers shallow waters and soft sand, making it ideal for children. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, indulge in beachside dining, and explore the nearby rock pools for a memorable experience.

Special Event: Cala Conta hosts beachfront yoga sessions, allowing you to find inner balance and practice mindfulness while surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery.


Location: Talamanca, Ibiza

It’s located just a short distance from Ibiza Town. Talamanca offers a peaceful escape from the bustling crowds. This long stretch of sandy beach is lined with palm trees. Enjoy water sports, beachside cafes. Have a walk along the promenade while taking in the beautiful views of the town.

Special Event: Talamanca hosts vibrant beach markets. Explore local crafts, artwork and souvenirs while exloring in the island’s creative spirit.

Cala Nova:

Location: Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza

Cala Nova is a hidden gem on Ibiza’s east coast, known for its soft sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s a haven for surfers, with reliable waves perfect for riding. After catching some waves, relax on the sandy shores or treat yourself to a delicious meal at the beachfront restaurants.

Special Event: Cala Nova hosts beachside music festivals, featuring live bands and DJs, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere that merges music with the beauty of the beach.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza
Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Cala Tarida:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Cala Tarida is a family-friendly beach with turquoise waters and fine white sand. Its shallow, calm waters make it ideal for children to swim and play. Explore the rocky cliffs on either side of the bay or indulge

in water activities such as snorkeling and paddleboarding. Don’t forget to capture the stunning sunset views.

Special Event: Cala Tarida occasionally hosts beachside yoga retreats, allowing you to find balance, improve your well-being, and connect with nature in a serene setting.


Location: Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza

Benirrás is a charming beach famous for its bohemian vibe and stunning sunsets. Enjoy the drumming sessions held every Sunday evening, where musicians gather to create a captivating rhythm as the sun dips below the horizon. The beach also offers clear waters for swimming and a few beachside restaurants serving local delicacies.

Special Event: Benirrás is famous for its Full Moon Drumming gatherings, where people come together to celebrate the lunar cycle with drumming, dancing, and a sense of community, creating an unforgettable experience.

Es Cavallet:

Location: Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

Es Cavallet is a beautiful beach renowned for its natural beauty and nudist-friendly sections. Backed by sand dunes and surrounded by a nature reserve, it offers a tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy the pristine waters, sunbathe on the soft sand, and relish the diverse cuisine served at the beachfront restaurants.

Special Event: Es Cavallet hosts occasional beach cleanup initiatives, inviting visitors to participate in preserving the natural beauty of the beach and its surroundings. Join in these initiatives to contribute to the sustainability and conservation efforts of the area, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the pristine beauty of Es Cavallet.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza
Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza’s beaches are a true slice of paradise. Each of them offers its unique charm and beauty. As you explore the 15 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, you’ll discover a world of natural wonders, vibrant energy, and serene tranquility.

Responsible Tourism: Enjoying Ibiza’s Beaches with Environmental Respect

While enjoying the beauty of Ibiza’s beaches, remember to respect the environment and follow responsible tourism practices.

Remember to check the specific locations and addresses of each beach before your visit Take your time to explore the unique characteristics of each beach, as Ibiza is a dynamic island and it’s always good to be prepared. Consult local maps or guidebooks and consider renting a vehicle or using public transportation to make your adventure more convenient and enjoyable.

Beach Exploration Tips: Unveiling Ibiza’s Unique Charms

Whether you prefer to lounge on a sunbed, indulge in water sports, or simply watch the sun sink below the horizon, Ibiza’s beaches offer a sanctuary of bliss and rejuvenation. Lose yourself in the rhythmic sounds of the waves, breathe in the fresh sea air and let the golden sands caress your feet! Allow the beauty of these beaches to awaken your senses, rejuvenate your spirit and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, beach towels and a sense of adventure. The beaches of Ibiza are ready to welcome you with open warm arms. Get ready to explore the natural splendor, rich culture and unforgettable experiences that make Ibiza a beach lover’s paradise.

Stay tuned for more travel tips and guides and may your journey to Ibiza’s beautiful beaches be filled with wonder, joy, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Enjoy every moment of your sun-kissed days and magical nights in Ibiza’s coastal paradise. Safe travels and may the memories you create on these stunning shores last a lifetime.