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The Most Beautiful Castles in The World

A Trip to the World’s Most Beautiful Castles

A holiday between history and magic.

A good idea of a trip is the one to go around Europe (and not only!) and to discover the most beautiful castles of the world. An ideal trip for the history fans, romantic couples and for the family holidays.

When we hear talking about castles we immediately think of the era of kings, knights, ladies and heroes. Kings, queens, dragons, fairies, pirates and princesses – the characters of the fiction stories where the boundary between the real and unreal seems blurred, imprecise and vague.

Exploring The Most Beautiful Castles in the World

The castle itself has an intrinsic charm: it lets your mind travel to the past where the myth and magic meet the reality. There are a lot of castles in the world: royal residences, places of worship, protective fortifications and prisons, built according to determine artistic forms and which are a proof of which bear witness to a precise cultural frements.

True and real guardians of the love stories, myths, mysteries and legends today attract tourists from all over the world who like to wander and contemplate their rare beauty.

So, for those who like traveling and immerse into the mythical world full of magical atmosphere, a trip to the most beautiful castles of the world is the right one.

Here the list of some castles, which, in our opinion, are the most beautiful:

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

A typical castle of the fairy tails

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, nestled in greenery
Neuschwanstein: A real-life fairy tale

Fantastic and magical Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany. This castle, a part from being one of the most beautiful and visited castles in the world, it might be what is closest to the common imaginary of the Castle of the fairy tails.

Absorbed by the green of the bavarian Alps, it stands out with its high spiers in the middle of the intense green bavarian forests. A very interesting lap to add to the itinerary of the trip to the bavarian Alps in Germany.

The Neuschwanstein Castle (in german Schloss Neuschwanstein), a castle of wonders, dates back in the XIX century and it’s a historical symbol of Germany and also a symbol of the most beautiful castles of the world. For more information we suggest you to visit the official website.

Predjamski Castle, Slovenia

Integrated inside a cave

Il Castello Predjamski Slovenia

You will live a fairy tale populated by dragons and medieval knights, in a castle of a fable where everything might be possible. The atmosphere really is of a fairy tale, a real masterpiece of the engineering, few kilometers from the italian border, only an hour from Trieste.

You will be amazed by its nestled position in a cave above the waters of Lovka. Ideal for living a fantastic adventure. Ideal for a weekend with your family, when the children can spend marvellous moments in an incredible atmosphere and immerse in the story of a movie like fairy tale.

Sant’Angelo Castle, Rome, Italy

The Pope’s Castle

I castelli più belli del mondo - Roma Castel Sant Angelo

Built on the top of a Adrian’s Mausoleum at a walking distance from the Vatican, Sant’Angelo Castle overlooks the banks of a Tiber river. Arose as a tomb of a roman emperor and then became a medieval fortress which protects a holy life of Popes.

Matsumoto Castle, Japan

The most spectacular building of Japan

Il Castello più bello del Giappone Matsumoto-Castle

One of the most spectacular buildings of Japan, it dates back to 1594 and it’s a real symbol of this medieval japanese city. Almost all the parts of the castle are original like the walls and the moat. The tower on 5 floors is one of the highest towers in Japan, from where you can enjoy a breath-taking view over what is called Alps of Japan.

If during your trip to Japan you would like to visit something really incredible and evocative go and visit this amazing castle. If you need more info in order to organize your trip to this castle or for a guided tour visit this website official website of the National Japanese Tourist Office.

Corvino Castel, Hunedoara, Romania

A place where the famous Dracula Count has been held a prisoner

Corvino Castel, Hunedoara, Romania

The Corvino Castel (in romanian Castelul Corvineştil or Castelul Corvinilor or Castelul Huniazilor), is located in Romania, in the heart of famous and mysterious Transilvania, close to the town of Hunedoara.

The Castle of Corvino in Romania, dominates the Zlaşti River from above the Hill of St. Peter, under the rule of the Kingdom of Hungary until 1541 (the castle in Hungarian Vajdahunyad vára) and then passed between the territories owned by the Old Principality of Transylvania.

This marvelous castel is the most important symbol of Gothic art and it’s very famous and visited by many tourists from all over the world because the legend wants it to be the place where Mattia Corvino was imprisoned for seven years.

If you are planning a vacation in Romania, this castle is a point of interest not to be missed. For more information visit official website of the Castel. For more info visit this website “Corvino Castel”.

Malbork Castle, Poland

The largest Gothic Castle made of bricks

il Castello di Malbork in Polonia

The Castle of Maria. A part from being one of the most beautiful castles in the world, it is one of the largest castles ever built. First a convent and then a castle, it was built by the Teutonic order as a medieval fortress and a shelter to protect land from its enemies.

This Castle completely made of bricks, the biggest in the world and also the biggest building ever built in bricks by people in the whole history, a very strange thing for that time. Almost impregnable, it resisted many enemies for a long time. First it was on Germanic territory and then became of Poland.

Inside the Malbork Castle there is a rich museum which together with the Castle are on the Unesco’s list of the World Heritage Sites since 1997. Don’t miss this medieval wonder if you are visiting Poland. For more info about the opening hours and ticket price visit the official website of Malbork Castle.