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The World’s Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions

The world is truly a funny place, sometimes bordering on absurdity. If you have traveled long and far enough, you will surely agree. There are some truly bizarre attractions for tourists, like the sewer museum in Paris, the International Friendship Exhibition Hall of North Korea, and the Karner Bone House of Austria. While the world definitely looks like a crazy place when you take into account so many bizarre attractions, they also draw in droves of tourists who want to check out the incredibility of it all.  And so, without further ado, are what might be the most bizarre of the bizarre tourist attractions.

The largest ball of twineThe largest ball of stringFrank Stoeber constructed this huge ball of string in 1953 and gave it to Cawker City, Kansas, USA, where it still stands to this day. Weighing in at 5,000 pounds and standing 8 feet tall, it is the largest such ball in the world. Many businesses in the city have paintings showing this huge attraction in their windows as it has become such a huge landmark within the city. Every year in August, a twine-a-thon is organized for residents and visitors, which makes for a fun summertime event.

Largest fork in the worldlargest forkA huge metal fork stands in Springfield, Missouri, USA. At 35 feet tall, as big as a three-story building, it is the largest fork on the planet. A plaque at the base even declares it as such. Weighing an astounding 11 tons, this titanic utensil once fittingly stood in front of a restaurant, but when the establishment failed, it was relocated. The fork now stands in front of the advertising agency that came up with the idea for the promotion.

Bubblegum AlleyBubblegum AlleyThis one is truly bizarre. You can walk down an alley that is entirely decorated with chewed bubblegum in San Luis Obispo, California. There are thousands of sticky, colorful globs on the wall. Gross or art?  You be the judge.

Karni Mata Templerat-templeThis temple, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, pays homage to Goddess Karni, who is believed to have been reincarnated as a rat. Interestingly, or disturbingly depending upon how you look at things, you will find thousands of rats everywhere within the temple. But they’re not just running amok—they’re actually worshiped too! There have never been reported biting incidents and pilgrims feel absolutely safe in the company of these furry friends.

Capuchin CatacombsFully clothed human remains are displayed at the Capuchin Catacombs in PalermoA really creepy attraction in Palermo, Italy, includes coming face-to-face with 8,000 well-preserved mummies that are dressed in their best garb. Lined up next to each other along the walls, as well as posed bodies, you might want to scream and flee a possible zombie apocalypse.