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Best Parks in New York: A Complete Guide to Urban Paradises

A Complete Guide to Urban Paradises

New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for many reasons, but most of all because it offers an endless number of attractions for both tourists and residents. Among the most popular attractions of the Big Apple. There are undoubtedly many famous parks as well as local hidden parks. Manhattan local parks hold the record for the most famous urban parks in the United States of America.

Best Parks in Manhattan

Best Parks in New York

Central Park: A Must-Visit in Manhattan

With an area of 341 hectares, Central Park is the largest urban park on the island of Manhattan. And the most famous of all in New York and beyond. There are countless paths through the numerous meadows where you can play, sunbathe, have a picnic, attend concerts and much more. There are also several lakes in Central Park, some of them large enough for boating in summer and ice skating in winter.

Golden autumn leaves carpet the ground in a busy Manhattan park.
Autumn splendor in one of Manhattan’s finest parks.

Central Park is one of the best parks in New York and the largest park in the Big Apple. It designed in the 19th century. Shakespeare’s garden stretches against the background of skyscrapers, the grass is green in a Sheep Meadow. Free performances and concerts are organized on a Large Lawn, the observatory, which has chosen Belvedere Castle, cordially invites guests. Here you can not only endlessly admire nature, ride an ice rink, bicycles and roller skates, play football and tennis, but also visit the zoo. The Central Park area is rich in sculptures and monuments and has long been home to the Metropolitan Museum, the Marionette Theater, the Delacorte Theater, the Bethesda Fountain.

But people venturing here for a weekend or more should look into going to a couple of the most renowned parks, besides Central Park.

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Battery Park: A Top Choice Among the Best Parks in New York

Couple walks in a lush Manhattan park, skyline behind.
Strolling through Manhattan’s urban greenery.

Battery Park is a 10-hectare urban park located in the southern part of Manhattan. It is a quiet public park in New York City and because of that it’s one of the best parks in New York. Its name comes from a battery of cannons deployed in the area in the 17th century by the Dutch and British to protect the city’s port. The Battery Park is Located along the bay. It shows visitors fascinating views of Ellis Island, neighboring Jersey City and the legendary Statue of Liberty. Here you can jog, rent bicycles, wander through the flower garden, dine at the Gigino restaurant, witness concerts and festivals, view the sad memorial dedicated to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack. As well as Tom Oterness’s sculptures “The Real World”. The port is nearby, the starting point for ferries to Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Washington Square Park: Where NYC’s History and Culture Meet

The first we can mention that Washington Square Park is one of the best park in Manhattan. It is the heart of the New York University, as well as a place where families and tourists enjoy spending their days sunbathing, reading or visiting Washing Square Arch. For activities this park has chess tables and a bowls court.
Washington Square Park is a green area of almost 4 hectares, located in the artistic Greenwich Village. The symbol of this city park is undoubtedly the Washington Square Arch, which is located at the northern entrance, a small marble triumphal arch (23 meters high), built in 1892. Every day, thousands of residents and tourists, as well as students of New York University, who consider the park a kind of backyard, gather around the central fountain in Washington Square Park.
Don’t miss the chess tables in the western part of the park, where the players (scammers) of this place challenge everyone who wants to play for money (be careful not to fall for it!).

Riverside Leisure: The Allure of Hudson River Park

Waterfront park with courts by Manhattan's skyline.
Hudson River Park

The Hudson River Park is another one to check out as can not be excluded from the list of best parks in New York City. Hudson River Park is a great example of how futuristic projects by modern architects and designers can come to life. Here you can have picnics and enjoy a view of the Hudson River. Many locals come to skate here. There is also a bike path and a boathouse for canoeing and kayaking.

Bryant Park’s Charm of the Best Parks in Manhattan

Other parks to think about visiting are Bryant Park and Fort Tryon Park. All these green oases have bathrooms somewhere nearby, as well as restaurants, cafés and street vendors for food and drinks.
An oasis of peace near the hustle and bustle of Times Square. 3.9 hectares of Bryant Park is a godsend for all Midtown Manhattan employees who need to get some fresh air and relax during lunch. The park is also appreciated for ice skating in the colder months. While during the hottest periods people like to lie on the fresh and soft mantle of grass. Bryant Park hosted New York Fashion Week until 2009.
Every summer, a giant screen is installed in the city park to show a series of films that can be viewed for free. The only drawback is that you have to arrive on time to find a place. New Yorkers go to the park a few hours before the show starts to get the best seats.

Greenmarket and Gatherings: The Pulse of Union Square Park

Union Square Park, located in the center of one of Manhattan’s most important shopping districts, offers a modest 3.6 hectares of space. Political protesters, breakdancers, and skateboarders often gather in the areas south of the park, and workers usually occupy benches along the shaded paths to have lunch.
Don’t miss the Greenmarket, held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Here, many of the best chefs in the restaurants buy fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers. You can also find other products in the market, including cheeses, desserts and cookies, as well as handicrafts. In short, an authentic traditional market surrounded by skyscrapers.

The High Line: New York’s Urban Paradise

The Long City Park High Line is the newest and tallest, as it was built on the elevated Metro West Side Line railway. The length of the High Line is about 2.33 km, it crosses more than 15 blocks. Along the way, you can relax on benches, admire flowers and plants, as well as local works of art, graffiti and remarkable architectural achievements. The magnificent views of the city, the Hudson River, the West Village and Chelsea art districts are unforgettable.

Madison Square Park: Historical Charm Among Best Parks in New York

This 2.6-hectare urban park is one of the quietest in New York (except in summer, when open-air music festivals are often held). Madison Square Park is surrounded by some buildings of significant importance, also from an architectural point of view: the Flatiron Building, the Met Life Tower and Woolworth.

Tompkins Square Park: A Family Haven in Manhattan

Tompkins Square Park is a 4.2 hectare public park located in the East Village on Manhattan Island. Unfortunately, in the past it was one of the meeting places for drug dealers in Manhattan, but today, fortunately, it has become an oasis of peace for families. several playgrounds for children and many colorful flower beds in the shade of elms.