Travel Tips

Family-Friendly Airlines


Flying with young children can be either fun or disastrous. Kids often can’t stand the pressure when they are in the cabin. In fact, infants might shriek with ear pain when the pressure shifts suddenly. Older kids might be less worrisome, but the stress will always there.

However, some airlines have their own way to deal with this kind of problem. Here are 7 airlines that can be very friendly to kids during flights up above:

1.  Emirates
The Emirates’ good name ensures all passengers’ comfort and safety.  Before the flight, Emirates provide strollers for parents who bring along toddlers.  After takeoff, kids can play with toys provided by the airline, and in first and business classes, you’ll even find play areas.  Meanwhile, older children can be entertained by in-fight movies, TV, and games. (

2. British Airways
British Airways provides nutritious meals for kids as the airlines follows a “Feed Kids First” policy.  Toddlers can even ride for free if the parents follow these two requirements: call ahead to secure a spot in the bulkhead and bring a Britax booster seat. Packs of games and other activities are also provided while flying, plus there’s plenty of in-flight entertainment. (

3.  Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has been popular among parents as it provides infants with bassinets and toddlers with Hasbro toys.  They also provide special children’s menus that differ from the adult options.  And, taking their in-flight entertainment a step further, they offer 3D games and movies. (

4.  Lufthansa
If you’re traveling with babies, Lufthansa recommends red-eye flights so that both of you can keep a normal sleep schedule.  They even provide little cots for babies weighing under 30 pounds.  Picky eaters can get whatever they want from Chef Stefan Marquard, and meals are available 24 hours a day. (

5.   Gulf Air
Gulf Air has a special program for kids called Sky Nanny, which provides nannies to watch your kids while in the sky.  The nannies are ready to give a hand with diapers, toys, coloring books, and more to make sure parents sleep well and children have an enjoyable flight. (

6.  Qantas
Australia-based Qantas airline has Family Zones throughout the country’s airports.  Before departure, kids will get a full entertainment service from the staff, and they’ll also get gifts, including action figures and playing cards. (

7.   Virgin Atlantic
Babies up to one year old can get bassinets on the plane, which is pretty standard, but Virgin Atlantic makes sure toddlers and their parents are comfortable too by providing “care chairs” for tots 6 months to 3 years.  In-flight entertainment includes newly-released films for kids. (

8.  Virgin America
Virgin America is affordable and also pretty amazing when it comes to families traveling with children.  Kids can have their Jest Set Kid Pack, which consists of a choice of snacks,  as well as a puzzle that will keep kids busy while  parents sit back and relax, while waiting for the plane to touch down. (