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Tips for First-Time Travelers to Tunisia



Since the revolution, Tunisia has been making a good recovery.  Tourism there has opened its door again to increase the national revenue.  There are many things to do while in Tunisia, especially after the Arab Spring, which resulted in some radical changes across the country.  In case you haven’t seen the beauty of this country before, here are some suggestions:


Reenact a scene from The Flintstone’s by sleeping in a cave while in Tunisia. It could be your only chance to lay your head inside a troglodyte cave. Hotel Marhala will serve you well in presenting the cave experience. The rooms are splendidly dug out of the ground and there is no ordinary thing in here. At the hotel’s restaurant, try the succulent Tunisian brik.  Star Wars lovers will feel a sense of déjà vu, envisioning the scene when Luke Skywalker looked out at the twin suns, dreaming of traveling in the outer space.  ooking around the hotel will make you feel like you’re standing right next to him.


Restaurant El Mansourah is located right on the Mansourah beach just two kilometers north of Kelibia. Its sand beaches are considered some of the best of the Mediterranean. You can have your meals while enjoying the beautiful ocean view. The seafood is definitely a must-try, as is the fine wine selection.

Dar Am Taieb Museum

Located in Sousse, the Dar Am Taieb Museum has a collection of dazzling contemporary art. Taieb Ben Ahmad, the founder, even includes junk that has been brilliantly recycled into works of art. Both adults and children will love the museum–Ahmed’s daughter even makes contributions to the museum. While he has galleries and beautiful gardens, his daughter can superbly dance and perform music and poetry.


Louage is public transportation in the form of a shared taxi , its cost cheaper than the ordinary taxi, saving you lots of money.  If you get lucky, you can be in the same cabin with locals who can share some useful tips regarding their country.  Exploring Tunisia by using Louage is definitely recommended. Start your journey in Sousse and continue to the Roman city of Sufetula, which has a Roman legacy, including temples, a theater, and a triumphal arch.

Hang Out

Tunisia has its own lager, but some think it’s a bit on the gassy side.   If you want something “real,” head to Brauhaus Le Berbere, close to the Medina on the central square in Hammamet. Three quality German-style beers are served there.  And it makes the perfect pace to just hang out for a little while.


Restaurant Le Neptune, Carthage is a middle-class locals’ darling for lunch. La Neptune serves fantastic seafood right by the sea. While eating lobster on the outside terrace, you can relish the stunning view of Cap Bon and Tunis Bay. There’s nothing sophisticated about the menu, but all of the dishes are offered at reasonable prices.