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Nightlife in Rome: Best Things To Do Suggested by Locals

Experience nightlife is the best things to do in Rome or even must do thing while you are here. Rome is place where the ancient streets blend seamlessly with the pulsating energy of contemporary entertainment and rich with its nightlife activities.

From sipping on good wines in chic lounges to losing yourself in the charming alleys of Trastevere, every single moment promises an unforgettable experience.

Nightlife in Rome: Best Things To Do Suggested by Locals

This article serves as your personal guide to experiencing Rome as the Romans do—immersing you in a world of diverse best delights. 

An enchanting Roman night: The Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica, illuminated against the dark sky, marks the end of a street awash in the warm glow of street lamps—inviting explorers to discover the nocturnal magic of Rome.
Nightlife in Rome

Top Spot for Beer Lovers

If you are keen on beer you can’t miss the Open Baladin is an exceptional selection. As they have a variety of different beers, about 40 craft beers and more than 100 international bottled beers. It is a few steps away from Campo de Fiori and Trastevere, it is on two floors with a particular design.

Wide-angle view of the Open Baladin bar's interior showing an extensive selection of bottled beers displayed on shelves behind the bar, with a variety of tap handles in the foreground, inviting guests to taste the rich diversity of craft beers on offer.
Open Baladin

Open Baladin is temporarily closed please check their website before deciding to visit. And if it is open highly recommend you to visit this place.

If you interested to explore more nightlife in Rome then try to live Rome nightlife as romans do.

You can start with a relaxing experience tasting the most trendy wine bars and lounges.

Nightlife in Rome: A Dynamic Journey Through Trastevere

A few minutes away from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, we recommend Freni e Frizioni in Trastevere area, hidden gems of nightlife in Rome.  Trastevere is considered the heart of Rome Nightlife by locals.

Busy outdoor dining area at night with people seated at tables covered with white cloths, illuminated by soft lights, with the ancient Pantheon in the background, its facade lit and columns distinctly visible, showcasing Rome's vibrant nightlife juxtaposed with historic architecture.
Roman Evening: Dine under the stars at a lively outdoor restaurant in the shadow of the majestic Pantheon, a testament to Rome's eternal allure.

Here you can find the best restaurants in Rome , and after your dinner you can get lost in its small street and just relax having a drink in one of the many pubs and bars of this area.

Nightlife in Rome: Explore Trevi Fountain and Pantheon Area

Another good place for expirice nightlife in Rome is to explre the area of Fontana di Trevi and Panthean. Where you can also find one more good palce to visit whihc is Salotto42.

This lounge bar is located in Piazza di Pietra, close to the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Here you can enjoy a good drink in a posh place and share the nightlife with romans.

Address: (Piazza di Pietra 42 , 00186 Roma).

Discover Rome's Nightclubs

Do you like to dance the night away? Experience one of Rome’s most exclusive nightclubs. This Disco Club is located on the top of a charming medieval building next to Piazza Navona. La Cabala is open on weekends until 4am and the music is house, dance and techno.

Photo of La Cabala, a bustling nightclub in Rome, featuring a crowded dance floor illuminated by blue and red lights with a large mirror ball reflecting the dynamic scene, capturing the essence of nightlife in Rome.
Vibrant Energy at La Cabala Discotheque in Rome

Address: La Cabala ( Via dei Soldati 25c, 00186 Rome )

Nightlife in Testaccio quarter

Testaccio is one of the best area where you can live the real roman nightlife. All the Romans used to go there for having fun.Testaccio attracts not only with its history, but also with its dynamic development into a dynamic center of modern culture and entertainment.

Testaccio quater in Rome
Testaccio quater

In this area we suggest you the Akab Club,one of the most popular dance clubs in Rome. Otherwise another place that you cannot miss is the Vinile, . Located in Ostiense area this is a genuine local where you can drink and dance all the night.

Address: Akab Club ( Via di Monte Testaccio 69, 00153 Rome)

Address : Vinile (Via Giuseppe Libetta 19,00154 Rome)

If you want to try a different experience and exploring Rome by Night , get on the Tram Tracks! On board of this ancient tram you can have dinner, listen music, dancing and enjoying the view of the best attractions of the Eternal City.