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Oldest Hotels in the World: Tracing the Roots of Global Hospitality

If you are a person who loves history and admires historical places, this article is for you and for those who want to explore historical buildings or want to stay in one. We bring you “Oldest Hotels in the world” isn’t it’s amazing that there are hotels from 8th century and 

Don’t you all want to stay there. I hope this article covers everything for you.

Historic Hotels and Inns Around the World

Step Back in Time: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan’s Historic Charm

Fall foliage at Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan.
Autumn envelops Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan.

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is one of the oldest hotel the world from 705 AD. It is located in Japan e valley’s of Yamanashi. This hotel was handed over to 52 generations of the family. The record for being the oldest hotel in the world. It is also recorded by the Guinness book of worlds record. Which is pretty amazing if you are planning a trip to Japan. Do check out this hotel.

Why it is best?

The Hotel evolves in their services according to time and you can experience here the traditional way of Japanese living, hot spring and the designed Japanese garden. If you don’t know, we will remind you that Japanese gardens are considered one the best in terms of nature and also architecturally. 

Explore the Legacy of Japan’s Houshi Ryokan

Evening at Hōshi Ryokan, historic Japanese inn.
Twilight serenity at Hōshi Ryokan, one of Japan’s ancient hospitality gems.

Another on our in list of oldest hotels world is the Houshi Ryokan. It is located in Japan and is also famous for its historical value. This hotel passed on to 46 generation of family and this space is amazing to experience the Japan tradition from sleeping to eating 

Why it is best?

The hotel is famous for its Japanese traditional food and facilities, they have hot springs, Japanese gardens and different rooms with different facilities. 

Historic Stays: Gasthaus Zum Roten Bären

Winter night at Germany's oldest inn, Zum Roten Bären.
Gasthaus zum Roten Bären, the oldest inn in Germany, aglow in winter.

This hotel is famous for its location and history, this amazing hotel located in Fraiberg, Germany. Gasthaus Zum Roten Bären is the oldest hotel in Europe and one of the best in the world. The foundation has been in the 12th century since 1135 AD, they are accepting guests. 

Why it is best?

The hotel is historical but provides all modern amenities for your needs. It offers the most amazing and unique stay for the guests.

The Old Bell: England’s Historic Hotel

The Old Bell, England's historic timber-framed hotel.
The Old Bell, reputed to be England’s oldest hotel, nestled in history.

The hotel is located in the UK, and this hotel belongs to 1135 AD  the building itself an architectural marvel of Tudor and Georgian architecture. 

Why it is best?

The room’s interior is very lively and colorful.You have choices in the room according to the number of people. The hotel is dog friendly so you can also bring your dog with you which is a plus point. Don’t forget to check their website for every room, they have different facilities for each type of room.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Luxury by Lake Como

Plush room at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy.
Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s luxury, where heritage meets modern comfort.

This hotel is located near Como lake Italy. The whole area is surrounded by history and lush green gardens, museums. It was established between 1908 to 1910. Grand Hotel Tremezzo with the historical value. It is famous for its architectural style which is inspired by art nouveau and famous for its luxury and elegance. The region where located Grand Hotel Tremezzo is famous for its hamlet villages and old churches.

Why it is best?

The hotel offers so many amazing services and amenities to each suite including, spa, Infinity pool. They also offer a private beach according to your needs. They also offer different villas and suites, as well in the hamlet area and near to church. Here you can witness the history while staying. Here you can find an entry tickets for the garden and enjoy the your time in the nature. This landmark is very famous among people. The queen of England visited this place. 

Post House Inn: A Historic Stay in Mount Pleasant

Historic Post House Inn, Mount Pleasant, SC.
Post House Inn: A charming stay steeped in Mount Pleasant’s history.

This Hotel is in classic style and has amazing interiors with modern amenities. Established in 1896, and still maintaining the high quality services. Post House Inn is based in South Carolina,US. It started in 1960, But the owner settled there way before in 1680 and this place faced an attack. Isn’t history amazing?

It is surrounded by lush green gardens and gives you the perfect feel of a holiday with its history. You can also enjoy the green area which is approx. 751 acres. 

Why it is best?

It is located near a good attraction that you can explore, they offer a variety of guest rooms with natural light and different modern amenities. They also host events for approx. 30 people.

Post House good choice for it’s room services, they are offering amazing outside activities like kayaking, paddling, walking in green areas etc. A perfect place for your summer time.

The Blackstone: Chicago’s Historic Hotel

Grand staircase in The Blackstone, Chicago.
The Blackstone’s opulent entryway, echoing Chicago’s grandeur.

This amazing historical hotel built in 1910 in Chicago, one of the architectural marvels and one of the oldes hotel in the world. The interior is very chic and luxurious. It’s quite famous among celebrities. They have a multi diverse culture with three different languages like Spanish, French and English.

Why it is best?

The rooms have Lake Michigan lake view and the garden, They offer different rooms from no smoking single rooms to family suites. They have amazing dining options and a place for meetings, They also have their own art collection space which you can check out.

Gritti Palace Oldest Hotel in Venice

Waterfront dining at Gritti Palace in Venice.
Dine by the Grand Canal at Venice’s historic Gritti Palace.

This one holds an amazing history in stones. Gritti Palace hotel was once a private residence for the family, it was built in the 14th century and later converted into a hotel in the 90’s it is owned by Marriot’s luxury hotel chain.

Why it is best?

This hotel is located in grand canal and it has 80 rooms. And 2 restaurants and 1 terrace bar which gives the view of the grand canal.

Hotel Roter Hahn

Hotel Roter Hahn in the Bavarian Alps.
Alpine charm at Hotel Roter Hahn, nestled in the Bavarian heartland.

This amazing hotel is situated in the historical old town of Germany. Hotel Roter Hahn was established in 1380, adding it to the lsit of oldest hotels in the world , which is still functioning and run by the second owner who bought it in 1905.

Why it is best?

The location is so perfect that you can visit attractions easily and the interior and rooms are very simple and elegant. They have a restaurant which serves authentic food in a traditional way.

Discover Germany’s Sanct Peter: A Tradition of Hospitality

This is a historic guest house which is located in Germany and It was established in 1246. The restaurant in this place counts among the top 100 in Germany.

Why is it best?

The family has the history from the last 400 years they own the estate since. You can experience authentic food here. The rooms and interiors are very modern and simple with all the basic amenities. 

Gastagwirt: Austria’s Historic Countryside Retreat

This amazing gateway hotel located in Austria and it was built in 1380. The building is historical but the amenities are all modern. It is surrounded by green fields which gives you a relaxing feeling.

Why it is best?

The place is amazing with the outdoor spaces like seminar, restaurant , Golf area. They have a farm from where they get the organic food and cook it. 

Angel & Royal: One of the Oldest Hotel in England

This place has its history not only with time but with the guests list too. This Hotel is located in England and it was built in 1203. The façade has amazing architectural elements from medieval times. 

Why is it best?

They have different rooms and each is showing a story from the past, King John, Richard III and Charles I , Edward III. They also stayed in this hotel, Angel & Royal is amazing and surrounded by greenery. 

Orso Grigio: A Historical Haven in Trentino, Italy

The Orso Grigio villa hotel Is located in Trentino Italy. It was built in 1745. The surrounding is so beautiful of this place that you will fall in love you can see mountains and green areas all over. The Orso Grigio is built in wood with tapered roof which give the place antique look.

Why is it best?

The Orso Grigio have a wine cellar and you can taste amazing wine here. They have a restaurant which is quite famous. You can do outdoor activities in dolomites mountain.

Pilgrim Haus: A Cozy Historic Stay in Germany

The Pilgrim Haus was built in 1304 It is located in Germany and was once acting as a pilgrim place. This hotel is small and cute with cute windows on the façade which gives you colorful vibes. 

Why it is best?

They provide spaces for events, and they have different events every time. It has one restaurant with mouth watering food. For events you can check their website.