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Best Beer-Producing Regions in the World

beer-flight.jpg-It is often said that beer unifies men. Perhaps the most popular beverage just after coffee, beer is consumed by people all around the world and is made all across the world as well. Here is a sampling of some of the best beer-producing regions of the world.

Scotland – Of course, scotch is the most renowned drink to come out of Scotland, but its beer is also very good, and it goes back a long time—to the days of Celtic tribes. There are some very fine breweries in Scotland, including Belhaven, McEwan’s, and Arran. Many of the beers they make, a lot of them English ales, have become popular abroad as well.

Japan – This country is one of the newer entries to the market, but it still makes some of the best beers you can find anywhere. Japan first made beer with the arrival of the Dutch, but today, there are six important breweries that supply unique Japanese beer, which are extra carbonated and dry—defining characteristics of the county’s brew. Sapporo and Asahi beer are both sold internationally.

Mexico – The tradition of beer brewing goes back a long time in Mexico—even the indigenous people had developed a process. Modern brewing started with the arrival of the Germans during the 19th Century, and that influence is visible even today in Mexican beers Dos Equis Ambar and Negra Modelo. Many beers from Mexico are exported to England and the US in large numbers, including light lagers like Corona, which have become very popular.

Germany – The country that hosts Oktoberfest should definitely make it to this list. In fact, drinking beer is deeply rooted within the German culture, and it has been since the Middle Ages. Many famous beer styles have come from this country like the light pilsner beer and wheat ales such as Weizens. There are more than 1300 beer breweries in Germany now.

England – The home of many iconic styles of beer, like porter, stout, India pale, and brown ale. In fact, the commonwealth countries have all been greatly influenced by British beer. Sailors were served beer to keep them properly hydrated during the seafaring days. So you see, the beer tradition goes back a long time.

Belgium – This European country holds a unique record. No country makes more stylishly diverse beer than Belgium. This small country makes as many as 15 varieties, its Stella Artois having become very popular in the US. Belgium is the world leader in macrobrew.