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Best Travel Pillow for Airplanes

Airplane travel is a necessary evil. After all, there is simply no other way to travel long distances quickly. Airplanes can save us precious time, but the journey itself can be extremely uncomfortable, as we are confined in an extremely small space for so many hours. There is not much to do either so, naturally, most travelers prefer to sleep away as much of the trip as they can. Comfortable travel pillows can make it easier, and that’s the one thing you will definitely need to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

o-SLEEP-PLANE-facebookJust imagine the opposite scenario. If you don’t have a comfortable travel pillow on a journey that is expected to last for ten hours or more, then you’ll end up with a stiff neck and pain that shoots down your spine and settles in your back. But you can avoid all of that by investing in a comfortable travel pillow.  Now you won’t have to worry about what you’ll do on your flight and you can just look forward to catching up on a little sleep!

So what are some tips for choosing the perfect travel pillow for airplanes?

First, your travel pillow should be large, covering the back of your head and your neck. It should also be thin so that your head doesn’t lean forward from the seat, creating a bad sitting posture. Lastly, the top of the pillow should be rounded off. A large, thin travel pillow will give you all the support you need when you lean your head on your shoulder to rest. In fact, if the pillow is large enough, you could keep it across your body like a sash, supporting your head at a natural, relaxed angle.

Remember one more thing. It is best if you can carry your own travel pillow, because the ones provided by airlines are not very comfortable, particularly for the passengers sitting in economy class. If you are taking your own pillow, then make sure that it is portable. You should also be able to inflate and deflate it easily, and pack it away in a breeze. Removable velvet for washing is also a good idea.