Travel Tips

Why Singapore is so boring?

No matter how captivating a travel destination is, if it is often visited people might be bored of the same experience that they would get again and again.

It is also true for Singapore, one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. What are the most boring things to do in Singapore? Check them out:

1. Go to the cinema
You might be entertained when watching movies in Paris or London, but movies in Singapore are boring. There are only Hollywood box office movies on the cinema. So-called indie or art movies are only available on festivals, DVDs and of course online.

2. Take a drive
There is nothing wrong with rules, but once you are surrounded by tight rules life is not fun anymore. It is difficult to remember all the rules in Singapore. This country has too many rules on the street.

3. Have dinner at the airport
It might be weird but Singaporean people often come to the Changi Airport at least once every week to have dinner. The reason why they choose the restaurant at the airport is perhaps because it is the most spacious building in the country as most of the people here live in small flats.

4. Listen to the Speaker’s Corner
What can be sexier than freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Singapore is standing with the US to advocate this proposition as evidenced by the Speakers’ Corner space. Open discussion is a great idea, but the point is what is next after the discussion? Another discussion?

5. Camping in East Coast Park
When reading the sub-topic above, what is in your mind? Wrong! It is not an overnight camping experience. Camping in East Coast Park is done from morning to afternoon. It is more like a picnic than camping.

6. Reading local newspapers
Newspapers are supposed to give interesting information, but in Singapore most of the papers are forced to go through a strict censorship policy. As a result, controversy is zero, sex is zero, politics is zero, fun is zero.

7. Watching local television
Bad drama comedies are the highlight of Singaporean TV programs. Hawker food programs are another thing, but it is as boring as the dram comedies.

8. Shopping time
Unless you are a die-hard shopaholic, you will be bored by the shopping experience in Singapore. Many shops and stores, many discounted stuff, many people hunt for the best value products.